Saturday September 21, 2019
Permanent Instruction Orders
Dated Order/ Dispatch Number Description
20.03.2017 Circular No.05/P.I./2017 Dated: 18.03.2017 Sub:Exercising the powers u/s 14(1) Cr.P.C. For changing local territorial jurisdiction
06.02.2017 Circular No.03/P.I./2017 Dated: 06.02.2017 Sub:Regarding grant of probation to the accused person
04.01.2017 Circular No.01/P.I./2017 Dated: 04.01.2017 Sub:Compliance of legal provision related to regarding of evidence through Commissioners
21.05.2016 Circular No.15/PI/2016 Dated: 20.05.2016 Sub: Circular Regarding Revised Standard of Work
21.12.2015 CIRCULAR : No. 13/P.I./2015 Date: 19.12.2015 Sub: Regarding recruitment to the post of Ministrial Staff (Stenographer & LDC)
24.08.2015 CIRCULAR : No. 9/P.I./2015 Date: 22.08.2015 Sub: Code of Conduct for Subordinate Judicial Officers in Ref: No. 06/P.I./2008 Dt. 29.07.2008
27.01.2015 No. 01/P.I./2015 Dated : 16.01.2015 Regular updation and uploading of data on NJDG
18.11.2014 No. 16/P.I./2014 Dated : 18.11.2014 Directions for court work during work suspenssion
30.08.2014 No. 19/P.I./2014 Dated : 29.08.2014 Amendment of nomenclature of Civil Courts
16.08.2014 No. 12/P.I./2014  Dated : 16.08.2014 Directions to constitute Grievances redressal Committees at all Distt./Taluka/Sub Division/Tehsil Level
06.02.2014 CIRCULAR No. 01/PI/2014 dt. 06.02.2014

(Regarding Transfer Policy for Intra-Judgeship and Inter-Judgeship Transfer of the Staff-members of Subordinate Courts.)

12.09.2013 No. 14/P.I./2013  dt. 12.09.2013 "Court Working " during abstention of Court work by Bar.
19.08.2013 No. 12/P.I./2013 dt. 08.08.2013 Revised Schedule of Standard of Work
22.04.2013 NO.: P.I./6/2013 dt. 22.04.2013 Option regarding retention of laptop
17.04.2013 NO.: P.I./05/2013 dt. 10.04.2013 Instructions for Judicial Officer to apply for P.L/H.P.L Etc


No.06/P.I./2008 dt. 29.07.2008

No. P.I./1/2013/177 dt. 24.01.2013

Code of conduct for Subordinate Judicial Officers

07.08.2012 No. P.I./5/2012 CIRCULAR : Regarding applications for grant of Leave to the Officers of Subordinate Judiciary
20.01.2011 No. P.I./01/2011 Direction to write at least 25% of Judgements in English
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