Tuesday August 16, 2022
Hon'ble Mrs. Justice Sabina
Date Of Birth : 20.04.1961
Educational Qualification : LL.B.
Date of Enrolment : 1983
Date of Elevation : 12.03.2008
Judge, Rajasthan High Court : 11.04.2016
Date of Transfer : 08.10.2021 (High Court of Himachal Pradesh)

Unanimously, selected Joint Secretary of Bar Association of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in the year 1986. Thereafter, joined as Additional District Judge on 21.01.1997. Subsequently became Sessions Judge in September, 2004 and was elevated as an Additional Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court on 12.03.2008 and Permanent Judge on 23.02.2010. Transferred to Rajasthan High Court and took oath on 11.04.2016