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Study Material

 Sr.No.  Name of PDF Files
 01  Lord Bingham, “The Rule of Law” Cambridge Law Journal, Vol: 66,No.1,(Mar. 2007) PP-67-85
 02  Rule of Law by H.R. Khanna (1977) 4SCC (J) 7
 03  Rule of Law by H M Seervai, The Seervai Legacy: Essays, Speeches, Tributes and Letters by Feroza H. Seervai
 04  Soli Sorabjee, “Rule of Law: A Model Imperative for South Asia and the World” Soli Sorabjee Lecture- Brandies University, Massa Chusetts, -14th April, 2010
 05  Rule of Law and Democracy — Friends or Foes? by H.R. Khanna (1990) 1 SCC (J) 7
 06  Upendra Baxi, “The Rule of Law in India”, 1-19 Sur Vol.3 No.Se Sao Paulo 2007
 07  Lord Bingham, “Human Rights” Chapter 7 in The Rule of Law AllenLane-Penguin Books (2010) pp.66-84
 08  Anthony Clarke, “Civil Justice: The Importance of the Rule of Law” The International Lawyer, Vol:43 No.1 (Spring 2009) PP.39-44.
 09  Jeffrey Jowell“ The Rule of Law and It’s Underlying Values” Chapter1 in his book Rule of Law
 10  Luke K. Cooperrider, “The Rule of Law and the Judicial Process” Michigom Law Review, Vol.59, No.4 (Feb.1961) 501-514
 11  Lord Bingham, “ A Fair Trial” Chapter 9 in The Rule of Law AllenLane-Penguin Books (2010) pp.90-109’
 12  Prof. Madhava Menon, “Law and Justice: A Look at the Role and Performance of Indian Judiciary
 13  R. Sudarshan, “Avatars of Rule of Law and Access to Justice-some Asian Aspects “ Chapter 19 in “Justice for the Poor”, 644-685
 14  Peter Ingram, “Maintaining the Rule of Law”, The Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 35, No.141, Special Issue, Philosophy and the Law, (Oct.1985) PP 359-381
 15  Richard H. Fallon, Jr. "The Rule of Law" as a Concept in Constitutional Discourse” Columbia Law Review, Vol. 97, No. 1 (Jan., 1997), pp. 1-56
 16  Justice F.M. Ibrahim Kalifulla, “Rule Of Law & Access To Justice”
 17  Babubhai Vs. State of Gujarat and Ors., (2010)12SCC254
 18  Dharmendra Kirthal Vs State of U.P. and Anr (2013)8SCC368
 19  K.T. Plantation Pvt. Ltd. and Anr. Vs. State of Karnataka (2011)9SCC1
 20  Mohd. Hussain @ Julfikar Ali Vs. The State (Govt. of NCT) Delhi 2012(8)SCALE308
 21  Nandini Sundar and Ors. Vs. State of Chhattisgarh (2011)7SCC547
 22  OMA @ Omprakash and Anr. Vs. State of Tamil Nadu (2013)3SCC440
 23  Prithipal Singh Vs. State of Punjab (2012)1SCC10
 24  Samaj Parivartan Samudaya and Ors. Vs. State of Karnataka and Ors. (2012)7SCC407
 25  Sidhartha Vashisht @ Manu Sharma Vs. State (NCT of Delhi) (2010)6SCC1
 26  Sudipta Lenka Vs. State of Odisha Ors. MANU/SC/0196/2014
 27  Hema Vs. State, thr. Inspector of Police, Madras(2013)10SCC192